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Article: Can I save money through Colombian emeralds?


Can I save money through Colombian emeralds?

As we know, Colombian emeralds are one of the most eady gems on the planet. This is due to its color, quality and purity. Perhaps this is why many see these gems as a long-term saving method and there are even those who only acquire in these stones or jewelry with emeralds as an investment and not for personal use.

Then we'll tell you some of the reasons why a gem can become a way to save and how to ensure that your Colombian emerald becomes a relic and not a loss.

Is it possible to save with precious jewelry or gems?

In the search for innovative and safe ways to invest and save, more and more people see precious jewelry and gems as an attractive option. Throughout history, these pieces have been not only symbols of status and beauty, but also lasting value reserves. However, is it really possible to save with precious jewelry or gems in today's world?

In the current complex economic landscape, many are looking for solid and safe investment alternatives, and precious jewelry and gems can be considered an attractive option. Historically, these pieces have proven to be reliable value reserves that become relics over time.

However, whether they are a good method of saving depends on several factors. First, demand and supply play a crucial role in determining the value of jewelry and gems. While some gemstones have maintained their value and have even experienced significant increases, others may be more volatile depending on factors such as rarity, quality and market trends.

Moreover, the authenticity and quality of jewelry and gems are fundamental aspects to consider. It is crucial to purchase certified and reliable fountains parts to ensure their intrinsic value and attractiveness in the market.

The right care and maintenance is also important to preserve the value of jewelry and gems over time. Well-maintained pieces tend to maintain their beauty and quality, which contributes to their value as an investment.

How to have a saving with Colombian jewelry or emeralds

Among the various options of precious jewelry and gems available on the market, Colombian emeralds stand out for their unique beauty and historical value. For those interested in turning these exquisite stones into a form of savings, there are certain considerations to consider.

  • Authenticity and certification: Make sure that the emerald has certificates of authenticity and quality issued by recognized entities in the industry. This will provide guarantees to future buyers about the authenticity and features of the piece.
  • Gem quality : The quality of emerald significantly influences the value of a jewel. High quality gemstones, with clarity and superior colour, tend to have greater value in the commercial future.
  • State and conservation: The state of emerald is crucial. If in the future you want to sell an emerald that is used as a method of saving you must be in good condition, without significant damage and with little wear. Keeping the emerald in optimal condition through proper care and repairs when necessary can increase its resale value.
  • Documentation and records: Keep detailed records of the original purchase of the jewel or emerald, including receipts, certificates and any other relevant documentation. This will provide a verifiable story of the piece, which can be valuable to buyers interested in its provenance.
  • Market trends : Stay informed about trends and fluctuations in the price of jewelry and precious stones. Fashion and demand can influence the resale value of a jewel or emerald, so it is useful to be aware of current and future market trends.

Paula A. Bonilla 

Social communicator and journalist from Sergio Arboleda University in Colombia. She is also a jeweler and is passionate about constantly learning about precious gems and national high jewelry.

Currently, she is working for one of Bogotá's most important jewelry stores, Emerald by Love. This jewelry store has over 40 years of experience and has 2 physical branches in the capital city of Colombia, located in the city center.

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