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About Us


Emerald by Love is a jewelry and emerald store whose main purpose is to make the beauty, elegance and perfection of Colombian emeralds known worldwide, by bringing you competitively priced, affordable emeralds and fashion jewelry, direct from the Chivor, Gachala, Cosquez and Muzo mines.

The story of Emerald by Love began 40 years ago, when Luis H. Morales decided to deal Colombian emeralds for the rest of his life. Luis has worked since the 1980`s in the extraction, transformation and sale of emeralds, acquiring great expertise from the most recognized emerald dealers worldwide. Luis also runs three mines in Colombia.

The enterprise established by Luis H Morales developed into a family business, and currently, the company sells many Colombian emerald products around the world.


Why Shop From Us?

Emerald by Love belongs to the Natural Colombian Emeralds LLC group, a company specializing in exportation, quality and evaluation of emeralds. Emerald by Love sources, deals and designs  WITHOUT BROKERS, which allows us to reduce costs in order to obtain the best emeralds and exclusive designs for our clients.

Natural Colombian Emeralds LLC is a company incorporated under the laws of Florida, United States. And Emerald by Love SAS is a company incorporated in Colombia. For more information please book an appointment at