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Article: World places where there are also emeralds


World places where there are also emeralds

Emerald is one of the most cherished and coveted gems in the jewellery world. Its characteristic deep green colour and unparalleled brightness have made it one of the most valuable and desirable precious stones.

Although Colombia is known as one of the main producers of emeralds, there are other places in the world where this gem is also found in abundance.

In this article, we will explore some of these fascinating places and discover the natural treasures that have captivated humanity for centuries.

Other emeralds of the world

1. Zambia: The Land of the African Emeralds

Zambia, located in the heart of southern Africa, is famous for its magnificent emeralds. The Kafubu region is especially recognized for its production of high quality emeralds.

First discovered in the 1920s, Zambia's emeralds are characterized by their intense green tone and exceptional transparency. Zambia's deposits have been an important source of emeralds for the global market, and the jewelry made with these gems are highly valued around the world.

2. Brazil: Wealth Mineral and Emerald

Brazil is a country known for its abundance of natural resources, and emeralds are one of its most precious treasures. The state of Minas Gerais is particularly famous for its rich emerald deposits.

The deposits of emeraldita, a specialized form of emerald with mica inclusions, are found in the Nova Era region. In addition, Brazilian emeralds have a reputation for displaying a wide variety of green shades and are often used to create unique and exquisite jewelry.

3. Afghanistan: The Earth of the Panjshir Emeralds

Afghanistan is known for its history and rich culture, but it is also an emerald land. The Panjshir region, located in the northeast of the country, is famous for its high-quality emerald deposits.

These gems are formed in shale veins and are characterized by their dark green color and exceptional brightness. However, due to the political and social situation in the country, the exploitation of these gems has been irregular, which has made Afghan emeralds even more valuable and coveted on the international market.

4. Pakistan: Swat's Emeralds

The Swat region of Pakistan is another significant source of emeralds in the world. Emerald mining in Swat has been carried out for centuries, and the gems extracted here are known for their exceptional size and quality.

Swat's emeralds often have a bright green hue and can sometimes show a bluish hue, making them even more unique and valuable.

5. Russia: Ural Emeralds

The Urals, a mountainous chain that stretches through Russia, are also known for their emerald deposits. The Ekaterimburg region, in particular, has been an important emerald extraction site for many years. Russian emeralds are usually light to medium green and are characterized by their crystal clear appearance and vitreous glow.

6. Zimbabwe: Sandawana Emeralds

In southeastern Zimbabwe, in the Sandawana region, are some of the most unique emeralds in the world. These gems often showcase an intense green hue and exceptional glow. However, the production of emeralds in Sandawana has been limited due to geological and economic factors, which has made these gems even more valuable and difficult to obtain.

Paula A. Bonilla 

Social communicator and journalist from Sergio Arboleda University in Colombia. She is also a jeweler and is passionate about constantly learning about precious gems and national high jewelry.

Currently, she is working for one of Bogotá's most important jewelry stores, Emerald by Love. This jewelry store has over 40 years of experience and has 2 physical branches in the capital city of Colombia, located in the city center.

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