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Article: What are the most common sizes of the Colombian emerald?


What are the most common sizes of the Colombian emerald?

Whatever the personal tastes in the cutting of the emerald, the truth is that this can be found in countless shapes, sizes and colors. Certain people prefer traditional carvings, such as emerald or ovalos, and some people leave with more elaborate carvings such as the heart or the superman.

No matter what is chosen, it will be good for you to know the options that exist in the market if you are a buyer of loose emeralds or if you are jewelry and innovative sizes are sought to make jewelry with Colombian emeralds.

What is the size on an emerald?

The size in an emerald refers to the symmetry, proportion and polishing of an emerald, which greatly influences the brightness, color, location and visibility of imperfections.

There are at least 7 ways to carve gems, this action allows them to enhance the color, transparency and brightness of the stones; this is done with the aim of giving more value and beauty to the gem to improve its marketing process, even if weight and material are lost.

Although the gemstones in their natural state are beautiful, the cutes of precious stones are necessary when it comes to their use in jewelry. Mainly, because these will allow you to give it an even more striking look.

An emerald with good size is more expensive because the excellent proportions result from a higher expense of valuable raw material, thus obtaining more beauty. The best sizes don't always achieve such symmetry, but they achieve a even color, hide imperfections by maximizing the brightness and details, making the emerald dance in the light, showing the largest amount of carats, seen from above.

Most common emerald costs

Here are some of the most common sizes you can in Colombian emeralds:

  • Baguette:

This size consists of four sides, it is elongated, often with pointed corners, it is an elongated emerald size. Baguette is an Italian word that means rod or stick to the Native American.

  • Emerald size:

Emerald-size precious stones are rectangular and have an average of 50 facets (sides or faces). It is also known as staggered carving, made up of rows of facets that resemble steps of stairs, has four sides, and is slightly elongated with pointed corners.

This cut presents well the bright colors of the precious stones, so it is better to use it for vibrant stones. The shape is created by staggered cuts that run parallel to the stone belt. This causes light to be reflected in the leaves, creating an unusual and striking effect.

  • The size Asscher:

The attractive Asscher carving is the prime of emerald size. As in the emerald size, only these rectangular cut facets define the size and allow you to choose the appearance you like.

This is the classic carved with four sides and pointed corners, in short, is a Custom Emerald carving. The shape of the square emerald size lengths the appearance of the bearer's fingers, an often desired effect. The word square comes from the Latin "square" which means square shape. This size is believed to be a symbol of equality, balance, order, satisfaction and truth.

  • The cushion carving:

This size is known by this name as it resembles a couch cushion, its rounded corners and its large facets that are reminiscent of elegance of yesteryear. This form has sometimes been referred to as sailing light - referring to the carvings designed before the electric light when the emeralds shone with the light provided by the candles.

  • Size Eval:

It comes from the Latin, which means egg. It is an ideal choice for a person who enjoys the classic emerald but less singular size. The shape of the oval size lengths the appearance of the bearer's fingers.

  • Tear:

This size is known by different names; tear carving, pear or drop. This cut is best appreciated for its beauty on slopes and earrings. The gout form, tear or pear, is usually carved with plenty of depth for a striking presence and a gem with a lot of personality.

  • Size Round:

This form is the most classic of emerald sizes, although it is rarely used due to its high loss of raw material. The circle closes over itself and therefore represents unity, the absolute, perfection.

  • Princess size:

This cut is a combination between emerald size that emphasizes color and round that emphasizes brightness and green fire. Princess size is a change of the round size with pointed corners and numerous flashing facets due to its design and the effect this produces. This size is better suited to more transparent and less obscure emeralds, it's a relatively new size.

  • Heart size:

It's a change of the size Pera with a cleft on top. The heart is the ultimate symbol of love and intimacy. It's one of the most famous carvings in Valentine's day.

  • Trillón size:

The size of Trillón or supreman is based on the shape of the triangle with its curved sides. This size concentrates the color and creates a spectacular sample of bright green fire when used with less colored emeralds.

  • Size Cabuchón / Sugarloaf:

The cabbage size has no facets, has a slightly arched flat base and its top in the form of polished or slightly pyramidal dome. The cabbage is the oldest and most common way of carving stones, as opposed to being faceted. Usually the cabuchón / Sugarloaf, applies to emeralds of limited transparency as a result of imperfections.

  • Size Briolette

It comes from the French words - bright (slating) and "brignolette" (sunmale passes). Briollete is an avocado-shaped gem, completely covered with triangular and deadmated facets that ends up on tip, does not have a face or a cone.

  • Size Fantasy

Recent advances in carving technology have created spectacular innovative forms such as shields, flowers, stars, triangles, diamond shapes and all kinds of exotic shapes that are rarely used in the fine Colombian Emerald because of its high value.

Some of the new designs play with the raw natural form, others are created in revolutionary forms that sometimes take advantage of the optical properties of the Colombian Emerald.

Paula A. Bonilla 

Social communicator and journalist from Sergio Arboleda University in Colombia. She is also a jeweler and is passionate about constantly learning about precious gems and national high jewelry.

Currently, she is working for one of Bogotá's most important jewelry stores, Emerald by Love. This jewelry store has over 40 years of experience and has 2 physical branches in the capital city of Colombia, located in the city center.


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