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Article: Can Colombian Emeralds Be Found in Jewelry Stores Outside of Colombia?


Can Colombian Emeralds Be Found in Jewelry Stores Outside of Colombia?

Colombian emeralds have gained worldwide fame thanks to their exceptional quality and beauty. Although they originate from Colombia's mines, these coveted gems can also be found in select jewelry stores outside the country.

In this article, we'll explore why Colombian emeralds are so renowned, where they can be purchased in other countries, and how to ensure that an emerald is authentic.

Why are Colombian emeralds so famous?

Colombian emeralds are distinguished by their deep green color and exceptional transparency. This unique color, known as "emerald green," is the result of minerals such as chromium, vanadium, and iron in the geological formations where these gems originate.

In addition to their color, Colombian emeralds are valued for their rarity and ancient history, as they have been cherished by ancient civilizations since ancient times.

Countries Where Colombian Emeralds Are Most Sold

Emeralds are precious gems and are sold in several countries around the world, but some of the most prominent places where these precious stones are marketed and appreciated include:

  1. United States: With cities like New York and Los Angeles as centers of the jewelry and fashion industry, the United States is an important market for Colombian emeralds and other high-quality gems.

  2. France: Paris, known as the world capital of fashion and luxury, is home to numerous prestigious jewelers offering a wide range of high-quality emeralds.

  3. United Kingdom: London, especially in areas like Hatton Garden, is a significant center for the buying and selling of gems, including Colombian emeralds.

  4. Switzerland: Cities like Zurich and Geneva are known for their luxury stores and for hosting internationally renowned gem and jewelry auctions.

  5. Japan: Tokyo has a strong culture of appreciating beauty and art, making it a significant market for emeralds and other high-quality gems.

  6. United Arab Emirates: Places like Dubai are known for their luxury and opulence, making them popular destinations for those seeking precious gems, including emeralds.

  7. Belgium: Antwerp is famous for being a global diamond trading center, but it also houses specialized jewelers dealing in other gems, such as emeralds.

  8. Spain: Cities like Madrid and Barcelona have a strong tradition in high-end jewelry and fashion, making them places where quality emeralds can be found.

Where can you go to buy emeralds in other countries?

Colombian emeralds are sought after by collectors and gem lovers worldwide. Major cosmopolitan cities like New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo are home to renowned jewelry stores offering a wide selection of Colombian emeralds.

These establishments often have expert gemologists who can provide detailed information about each stone, advising customers on choosing an authentic and high-quality emerald.

In addition to large cities, tourist destinations with a rich jewelry tradition, such as Zurich in Switzerland or Antwerp in Belgium, are also places where Colombian emeralds can be found in specialized jewelry stores.

These shops often offer a personalized experience, allowing buyers to closely examine emeralds and learn about their unique origin and characteristics.

How do you know if the emerald is real?

Identifying an authentic emerald is essential when purchasing this precious gem. Here are some tips to ensure the authenticity of an emerald:

  1. Check the certificate: Genuine emeralds usually come with a certificate of authenticity issued by recognized gemological laboratories, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL). This certificate provides detailed information about the characteristics and quality of the emerald, including its origin and possible treatments.

  2. Evaluate the color and transparency: Authentic Colombian emeralds exhibit an intense green color and exceptional transparency. Observe if the stone has natural inclusions, which are common features in real emeralds and contribute to their authenticity. Avoid stones with an excessively bright or artificial color, as they could be imitations.

  3. Consult an expert: If you have doubts about the authenticity of an emerald, seek the opinion of a certified gemologist. These professionals can perform tests and analyses to confirm the authenticity of the stone, providing you with peace of mind in your purchase.

Paula A. Bonilla 

Social communicator and journalist from Sergio Arboleda University in Colombia. She is also a jeweler and is passionate about constantly learning about precious gems and national high jewelry.

Currently, she is working for one of Bogotá's most important jewelry stores, Emerald by Love. This jewelry store has over 40 years of experience and has 2 physical branches in the capital city of Colombia, located in the city center.

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